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August 2016: Updated branding, changes and fixes!


Version was released on 29 July 2016. 


  • A brand new default login page is now visible across PowerSchool Learning!  (Please note: Custom login page designs will not be affected, though the logo at the bottom will be replaced.) 
  • Co-teachers can now be imported via the PowerSchool SIS Integration!

Changes & Fixes

Interface and Navigation

  • We have updated branding to PowerSchool Learning across the interface.  This includes replacing Haiku Learning logos throughout, updating the footer color to white and the header color to blue, and a new default avatar image.  (Please note: No custom avatars will be affected by these changes.) 
  • A new PowerSchool Learning default theme is now available. (Please note: No custom themes or class themes will be affected.) 
  • The HOME button (directing to the Portal) is now located under the "P Learning" logo in the upper-left hand corner of your account.
  • Various styling fixes and clean-up. 


  • Essay/Short Answer responses will now be saved intermittantly as they are composed, rather than just when completed or submitted. 


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Parents to be incorrectly listed in the list of Group participants.

Standards Based Grading

  • Standards can now be removed from Grading Periods in which no Standards scores have been graded for that Standard. 

 ePortfolios and Profiles

  • User logins will no longer be used to generate and display Profile and ePortfolio URLs.  (However, old Profile and ePortfolio links will redirect correctly.) 

SIS Integrations

  • Assessment scores should now push as expected to PowerTeacher Gradebook through the PowerSchool Grade Integration.
  • Items moved from a Traditional Gradebook to the PowerSchool Gradebook within PowerSchool Learning should now push scores correctly to the PowerTeacher Gradebook via the PowerSchool Grade Integration. 
  • Roster entires will now be pushed from Aeries to PowerSchool Learning starting 14 days prior to their Start Date. 

Various fixes/changes:

  • Fixed a bug with Common Cartridge exports.
  • Videos can now be uploaded through the in-app browser on the iPad application.  
  • The mini-Calendar on the Portal should now display dates from Google Calendars in the correct time zone. 
  • Fixed an issue when copying resources from the Library that had caused some pages to reproduce continuously at an alarming rate. 
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