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July 2016: Class Navigation Refresh & One Roster Beta!


Version was released on 29 July 2016. 


  • We have refreshed our Class Navigation! Instead of hunting for activities between the Connect and Assess tabs, you now have a dedicated tab for Messages, one for Activities, and one for Grades. Read more about these changes here
  • We have released a Beta of our One Roster Integration! Read more about the new IMS One Roster Standard. 

Changes & Fixes

Domain Control

  • We have fixed an issue where sometimes the Domain Control Import thickbox would re-open after closing. 
  • We have fixed an issue where in some cases, Class Visibility Settings in the Domain Control were displaying the current visibility setting incorrectly. 
  • When a user is created manually, they are sent an email invitation. We have updated the body of this email to be more inviting. 
  • We've improved error handling in the Aeries Importer to reduce erroneous errors during imports. 

Class Management

  • We have increased the timeout limit for common cartridge imports.
  • We have improved support for certain types of content within the common-cartridge export.
  • We have fixed an issue where copying a content block was not closing the thickbox once the action was complete. 


  • We have optimized the Dropbox page loading so that even in large classes with high volumes of submissions, the page will load successfully.

Grading & Attendance

  • We've added a student count to the attendance book to facilitate easier data entry for teachers. 
  • Now, when students who have a subtotal score manually entered without any other scores in the gradebook are removed from a class roster, their subtotal scores are saved, in case the removal was accidental.
  • When adding activities to a Final Grading Period, the Category no longer displays as an option, because Categories are not available within Final Grading Periods. 
  • We've fixed a few alignment and aesthetic issues in the PowerSchool Gradebook.


  • With this release, LTI & SCORM activities are no longer referred to as "Activities". We are now using the word "Activities" to refer to all types of Activities - Assessments, Assignments, Discussions, Polls, WikiProjects, and LTI & SCORM. LTI & SCORM activities can be found under the Activities menu with these other items. 
  • We have added support for LTI Custom Class fields. 
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