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[t][s][p]Heads up! Navigational changes are coming to a class near you!


Q. Hey, my class looks different!  What happened to the Connect and Assess tabs, and where can I find my Discussions, Assignments, Grades, etc.? 

A. You noticed that, huh?  Exciting changes are being made to the way that Teachers, Students, Parents will navigate through their Classes!  Class features and activities are now organized into five tabs: PagesCalendarMessagesActivities and Grades

Please note: We're working hard to get all documentation up-to-date in the Knowledgebase, so you may run across some articles that do not reflect the current navigational structure.  Please use this article as a reference - and let us know if you have any questions at all.  Thanks for your patience!


Pages and Calendar should sound familiar, and no changes have been made there, but you'll now find a brand new Messages tab, including Announcements and the Inbox and Dropbox areas.  If you can send a note to someone in your class, you'll probably find it under the Messages tab! 


Next up, say hello to the Activities tab!  This includes all of the other class features you interact with: Assignments, Assessments, Discussions, WikiProjects, Polls and LTI & SCORM.  

So if there's an Activities tab, what happened to "Activities"?  

You'll find those items - all of your Turnitin.com,  BrainPop, SCORM, Khan Academy, Gooru Learning and other external tools under their own area of the Activities tab, now called: LTI & SCORM.


And last, but not least, the Grades area is now it's very own top-level tab. Grades is where you can find Attendance and both the Traditional and Standards-based Gradebooks, as well as Reports like Progress Reports, and Gradebook Exports

Original Navigational Structure

Previously, class features and activities were broken up into four main navigational tabs: Pages, Calendar, Connect (Announcements, Discussions, Dropbox, Inbox, Polls, WikiProjects) and Assess (Activities, Assessments, Assignments, Attendance, Grades, Reports).  




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