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June 2016: SBG Calculation Method Visibility


Version was released on 3 June 2016. 


SBG - Scale & Calculation Method Transparency!

  • Admins can now audit which classes are using which scales and calculation methods via the SBG Grade Reports going to Customize Columns and adding Gradebook Scale and Calculation Method columns. 
  • Students and Parents can now see which scale and calculation method are being used to calculate student grades. 

Changes & Fixes

Accessibility Updates!

  • We've updated and simplified our color palette in the LMS to ensure WCAG 2.0 compliance.


  • Attendance now auto-fills by section, instead of for all sections


  • We now prevent users from Handing in a dropbox submission while an upload is still in progress.


  • We've fixed a caching issue so that when you publish all pages at once, the published page icons update appropriately. 

Grading Activities

  • We've changed the default so that when a user goes back and edits the point total for an Assignment, etc., we do not by default check the "adjust points to maintain percentages" box, and if they do check the box, we display a warning about a potential loss of precision. 

Role Based Rosters

  • Role Based Rosters now allow you to promote a student in the roster to a teacher (previously, you'd have to remove the rule, add the user as a teacher, then re-add the rule).


  • We've fixed the Share URL so that, after sharing, the teacher continues seeing a working URL (previously it was displaying as undefined)
  • We've fixed some broken styling in the flyout as well. 


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