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[t]What will happen if I reduce the total points on a Gradebook Entry?


Q: What will happen if I adjust the total points on a Gradebook Entry to a lower value?

A: Adjusting the total points on a Gradebook Entry to a lower value will permanently and irreversibly alter the Grades. If you are using less precision in Grade rounding, you will also lose grade precision. Gradebooks with whole number rounding face the greatest potential for data and precision loss when reducing an Entry's total points. If you are a Teacher using whole number rounding in your Gradebook, please pay extra attention to your settings when changing the total points on a Gradebook entry!

Depending on the original and updated total points values, and your Gradebook settings, this loss of grade precision could be significant. 

When adjusting the total points for a Gradebook Entry, please triple-check that you are using the desired settings, and have checked or unchecked the "Adjust student points to maintain percentages of total points" as desired/appropriate.

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