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May 2016: Google Drive for Dropbox


Version was released on 6 May 2016. 


Google Drive Enhancements

  • Dropbox: Open in Google Drive! When Students in domains hand in documents from Google Drive via our Google Drive integration, the teacher is added as an Editor to the document as well as presented with a PDF snapshot. Teachers can choose to either open the document in Google Drive or Annotate in the Haiku Learning Annotator. 
  • Class-wide Google Drive Links: When teachers add Google Drive documents to class assignments, users without Google accounts will still be able to see the published HTML version in all cases. Students will always see the actual document in Google Drive, based on the Share Permission the teacher has selected. 

Changes & Fixes


Teachers can now delete student SCORM Activity attempts and allow Students to re-try and submit.   


We've fixed an issue with the Edit Badge Image screen that prevented you from viewing all details if you were zoomed out in the browser. 


A Roster Section drop-down filter has been added to the View Results area for Class and One-to-One Discussions. 


We've fixed a permissions issue that was preventing some users who had been granted access from viewing and editing ePortfolios. 

Standards-Based Grading 

We fixed an issue where in certain cases, administrators couldn't access Standards-Based Grading Reports. 

User Experience

  • We've added support for hover actions on Windows touch devices. 
  • We've updated the attachment link styling in the Dropbox and a few other places to be more consistent.
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