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April 2016: SBG & Google Drive Enhancements


Version 9.9.7 was released on 8 April 2016.


Flexible Standards-Based Grading

School Administrators can now create any number of scales, and enable multiple Mastery Level Calculation Methods, per Organization! This empowers teachers to choose a Mastery Level Calculation that’s right for each gradebook!  Administrators can also allow teachers to create their own scales, if they wish.

More options for Google Drive attachments!

Teachers now have the added flexibility of assigning Comment and Collaborative permissions to Google Doc attachments across Haiku Learning, in addition to Read Only and converting them to PDF. We've also updated the workflow so it's more consistent and intuitive. 

Changes & Fixes

Domain Control

  • Classes: We've fixed an issue so that when a class owner is reassigned, all file paths appropriately get updated right away.
  • Imports: We've improved how we clean up parent records in classes when a parent child association is removed.
  • Reports: We've added a "Last Updated" column to the Grade Report so that Admins can see when grades were last updated.
  • Themes: Organization Site Themes now apply to all Portals and ePortfolios. (Previously, they weren't being applied in all cases.)

Class Management

  • Communication: SMS Messages now display the domain noreply address (instead of myhaikuclass).
  • Counts: We've added counts to several views, including the Roster, so that it's easier to see how many items are in a list. 
  • Navigation: We now display a sixth class in the My Classes menu instead of a "1 Class not shown" message.
  • Navigation: Tab Navigation now displays for users who are in Public to Domain Classes, but not in the Roster. 
  • Timestamps: We now consistently display more precise timestamps for when content was created and submitted.
  • Roster: When teachers and admins import students from another roster via the Roster interface, they can now hover over the students to see their import ID. 
  • Roster: We've fixed an issue where parents could be in a Roster twice when their child was only in it once.

Assessments & Activities

  • Assessments and SCORM Activities no longer include teacher attempts and deleted attempts in the student attempts count.
  • We've fixed an issue so that Activities are now editable in all views.

Discussions & Dropbox

  • We've updated Discussion filters so that only the students to whom the discussion applies shows up in the list.
  • When a user tries to view a section in a Discussion that doesn't exist, we gracefully handle it instead of throw an error.
  • We've fixed an issue so that the Dropbox Previous and Next buttons available in all contexts where they should be. 

Google Drive & Calendar

  • The File Block no longer crashes when adding more files from the Google Drive Picker.
  • We've reduced the wait time between automatic Google Calendar Events syncs.
  • Teachers can now attach Google Docs to the Email Roster tool.



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