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March 2016: Partner Integration Updates


Version was released on 4 March 2016. 

Partner Integration Updates

Google Drive Integration

  • Email Rosters now supports Google Drive Attachments.
  • Teachers can now add Google Drive documents to Discussions after the Discussion has been created.

Blackbaud Integration

  • We've added support for the Grade Level Field (maps to User Level field in Haiku Learning).
  • We've updated how students are added to Haiku Learning Organizations when students are in multiple organizations in Blackbaud. 

Changes & Fixes

Domain Control

  • Accounts: We've fixed an error that would prevent an account from being saved when updating a user due to bad data in a hidden email field. 
  • Reports: We've added two fields to the Roster report, specifically, whether parents are in Classes, and whether the Roster allows for parents in classes. 

Manage Class

  • We've fixed a bug where the "Make Active" option was displaying for Templates, even though Templates cannot be made Active.


  • We've made minor changes to the Assessments view so that questions and answers are more easily readable for teachers and students.
  • We've fixed an issue that would interrupt teacher workflow when jumping between students in the "Next" and "Previous" within Assessment Results.
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