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January 2016: Haiku Learning: Better Rubrics sharing!


Version was released on 29 January 2016.


Rubrics Sharing Updates!

  • Teachers can now share Rubrics with other teachers via Email Invitation or Share link. They can also share Rubrics across domains.
  • Rubric Sharing is now available for Solo Teachers, as well! 

Changes & Fixes


  • We've updated the Assessments View Results view so that when teachers jump to the next student, their results are both alphabetically ordered and filtered to students in just that section. 
  • We've fixed an issue with password​-protected Assessments so passwords can still be submitted, even if the password was displayed using the Show Password option. Previously these passwords would fail. 
  • We fixed a performance issue related to updating Assessments. 


  • We've added an extra Classe ID option for those using Aeries imports for those who needed to further ensure class ID uniqueness.
  • We fixed a few minor display issues in the Pre-Import Summary.


  • We've updated our Shadowing, Masquerading and System messages with a cleaner look!


  • You can now access Profiles through the Navbar! For users whom you have access to view in the Navbar, if you also have permission to view a user's Profile, you'll be able to see a Profile option in the Navbar when you click on that person under their "Tools."


  • Our Roster UI has been updated with new icons and a nicely consolidated menu. We've even added a few hidden goodies you'll see when you view student details - you can now see the student's organization & grade levels as well.
  • When a student is manually added to a Roster, and later also added via a link from another Roster, they will now be controlled by the link, instead of staying under manual control.


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