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December 2015 Release Notes: LTI 1.1 is here!


Version 9.9.5 was released on 18 December 2015


We're excited to announce our compliance with the IMS LTI 1.1 standard - now allowing grades to be passed back from LTI Providers (like Turnitin) into the Haiku Learning Gradebook.

Changes & Fixes

Domain Control

  • Reports: We’ve added Grade Level and Organization fields to the Grades Reports! With the addition of Grade Levels in the Traditional Grade and SBG Reports, administrators will be able to focus on student performance within and across grade levels. For example, they can pull reports for struggling students and plan appropriate grade level interventions based on this data.
  • Admin Statistics: We have added support for tracking class statistics for Administrators who teach classes.
  • Role-based Rosters: We fixed a bug where co-teachers in manual, role-based rosters were getting removed when an import would run.
  • Imports: Various minor fixes for import processing errors.


  • We’ve fixed a bug where, in classes with sections, dropbox submissions were being counted as “late” based on the due date for the first section, rather than for the specific section.


  • We’ve added the ability for a teacher to toggle between students from the Assessment Results interface, making it easier to review student responses and grade essay questions. 


  • We've been working to ensure that rounding consistent across Haiku Learning:
    • In classes where the Gradebook was set to use less than two decimal precision, in a few cases, when a score ended in a .5, the “.5” would round up or down, depending on whether the preceeding whole number was odd or even. We’ve made rounding “.5” consistent to always round up. Places we’ve fixed:
      • Assessment scores
      • Category subtotals (student view)
    • In classes where the Gradebook was set to use less than two decimal precision, for Assessment scores only, the unrounded score was displaying instead of the rounded score. We’ve updated the views so that rounded scores display correctly. Places we’ve fixed:
      • Student View
      • Gradebook Subtotal
    • Rubrics had been rounding to a third decimal place. We have fixed this so Rubrics round to the appropriate decimal based on the gradebook setting.
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