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Version 9.9.3: Rubric Enhancements, Gradebook Optimizations, and little fixes! (25 September 2015)


Version 9.9.3 was released on 25 September 2015. 


Changes & Fixes

Classes and Class Settings

  • We've added a "None" option to the School Year dropdown to account for classes without a School Year.
  • Admins can now be added as Students in Role-Based Roster Classes with a new Rule option. 
  • We fixed an issue where some Teachers were getting stuck in View as Student mode. 


  • Rubric Comment boxes now resize to accommodate longer Comments.
  • Student names now appear at the top of their graded Rubrics. 


  • We've released several Gradebook optimizations for the Traditional Gradebook, which should make things more efficient, and allow them to load more quickly. 


  • We've fixed two styling issues for Discussion Post previews which had caused some posts to be displayed with exposed HTML styling or broken styling. 
  • Discussion Descriptions should now contain correct Roster Section and Group information. 


  • We've fixed an issue where some Poll Titles displayed in the Polls area with exposed HTML/ASCII characters. 


  • Assessment overall scores now recalculate automatically when switching from using the best attempt to the average of attempts, and vice versa. 

Various other fixes and miscellaneous changes. 

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