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[P] As a Parent, how do I view Rubric grades and comments in a Class?


Q: As a Parent, how do I view Rubric grades and comments for my child(ren) in a Class? 

A: When you're in a Class that your Child is enrolled in, you can take a look at the Graded Rubric with comments in the Gradebook. The Rubric icon, indicates that there is a Graded Rubric for this item.

Just head over to the Gradebook by going to the Grades tab and selecting Gradebooks, then use the Gradebooks tab dropdown to select the Gradebook you'd like to look at. 

Each item in the Gradebook with a Rubric will have the Rubric icon to its right. Click the Rubric to open a list of the Rubrics for that gradable item. Click the name of a Rubric to open the Rubric details. 

In the Rubric details, you'll see the entire Rubric, and the levels that your child achieved for each criterion will be outlined in green and contain a checkmark. 

Any comments the Teacher made will be in the far right column in the Rubric view.

You can also see Rubric scores in the Portal--check out this article for more details!


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