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Version 9.9.1: Enhanced Help, Miscellaneous Updates (31 July 2015)


Version 9.9.1 was released on 31 July 2015.


Better Help!

  • Teachers and Administrators can submit tickets from the Help Center option under our Help menu, without ever having to leave Haiku Learning.
  • We've updated the help options to be more tailored to each user's context. See details. 

Changes & Fixes

Domain Control

  • Account Setup: Admins can now select a Grade level when initially creating a manual user (previously, an admin had to create the user, and then edit the record to add the grade level).

  • Partner Applications: Domains can now set up Office365 Authentication via the Domain Control, without the help of a Haiku Learning developer! See this article for more information.

  • Grades Report: We now use the full Student Name instead of the nickname by default in grades exports. We have also added the student nickname as a separate field for enhanced name reporting flexibility.

  • Importer:

    • We have fixed an issue where users.csv accounts without an import ID, but with a Google ID, were incorrectly being deleted.

    • Blackbaud: Deceased and Severed Rights Parents no longer are imported into Haiku Learning.

  • Standards Importer: We’ve fixed an error that was preventing some domains from importing standards.


  • When you Save As a class, your Rubrics will come along, too!

  • Rubrics can now be edited after all associated activities have been deleted


  • We’ve fixed an issue that was preventing assessments with one or more sections weighted at 0 from copying to another class.


  • Traditional: We have fixed an error that was preventing Admins from viewing individual student grades in classes where the admin wasn’t a teacher.

  • PowerSchool: We’ve fixed an issue where grades in a class with a Linked Roster weren’t being sent correctly back to the source class in PowerSchool.

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