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[For Partners] Which Custom Fields can be associated with LTI Tools?


Q. Which Custom Fields can be associated with LTI Tools? 

A. Along with the standard annotated parameters always sent to LTI Tool Providers, PowerSchool Learning can pass any static Custom LTI Field value using our Custom Fields area, as well as a number of user specific fields like Import ID, Google Email, Login, etc.  

Using Static Values in Custom Fields

To enter any static field value (a common value that will be passed for all users who interact with the LTI Tool across your domain), use the following format, comma separated with no spaces: 


Using Dynamic Values in Custom Fields

To enter a dynamic value (a value specific to the logged-in user using the LTI tool), use the following format, comma separated with no spaces: 


Text can be combined with dynamic values, multiple dynamic values can be combined for a single custom field:


Available Dynamic Fields

See this resource for a complete list of all Annotated Parameters sent from PowerSchool Learning to LTI Tool Providers.  In addition to the fields we always or optionally send: 

The following dynamic values can be used in LTI Custom Fields


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