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Version 9.8.1: New Importer Tool, Gradebook Enhancements & More!


Version 9.8.1 was released on 8 May 2015. 

New Enhancements!

The New Haiku Learning Importer

We’re excited to announce our new Importer tool, which is designed to give you more control, more transparency, and more safeguards when you import your data. Here are some of the new features:

  • Data Pre-Screening: One of the greatest features of the new importer is that your data is now pre-screened for issues ahead of processing the file. You are now able to review the results and approve (or cancel) the import, based on the detailed findings in the report.
  • Additional Transparency: After the import is complete, you’re given added transparency into what exact data was imported, who submitted the import, and what the warnings were ahead of time if any.
  • Auto-Approval: If you are using Automatic Imports, you can now set thresholds to determine whether imports should be auto-approved or require manual approval, based on the number of warnings and the % of data changed in the pre-screening report.
  • Notifications: You’ll find it easier to stay on top of imports with our new notification feature. When  an import is submitted, approved, canceled, or completed, you’ll receive an email.
  • (Optional) New, More Flexible Formatting: We have devised an optional new specification format, which among other things, allows your columns to be in any order! Note: You do not have to use the new specification to use the new importer. 

New Apps Menu

In order to facilitate custom-SSO support via LTI Tools, we have added an option that allows LTI tools to be added to the "Apps menu",  which appears in the top-links navigational bar (previously just an icon). Administrators can now check a setting per LTI tool that will add that LTI tool to the Apps menu. We have also added support for dynamic custom fields required by certain LTI partners.

Gradebook Updates

We have been working to make the grading experience better for teachers, especially as the end of the year heavy grading time is fast approaching.

Changes of note include:

  • Gradebook is smaller so there is more teacher workspace!
  • Statistics have moved from a static icon to the Gradebook Item Menu (freeing up space)
  • Editing Class Schedules have been combined with the Class Schedule Filter to conserve space.
  • Traditional Progress Reports will now be ordered newest to oldest by due date, and items without due dates are alphabetized (we've even added a due date column so this is more apparent).
  • Print View Overhaul: We've resized the gradebook printable area to fit more entries on one page, total points have been added to each gradebook entry details, disabled users now show up with the appropriate "removed" denotation
  • The Standards-Based Gradebook now defaults to the current grading period when a class schedule is applied.
  • We have fixed an error message when trying to complete a Grading Period Report for the Traditional Gradebook.
  • We have fixed an error that sometimes occurred when entering Term Scores after undeleting a gradebook.

My Information Updates for Parents

We have added a way for Parents to review their Students' personal information via the My Information tab (including a link to the student's Profile, if the parent has access). This is in compliance with COPPA requirements.

Changes & Fixes 

Domain Control

  • We have changed how we handle merging users so that we prevent erroneous shortname conflicts.


  • Editing points on an assessment and unchecking “Adjust student points to maintain percentages of total points” is now working correctly.


  • We have fixed an issue where, when typing a grade in for an Assignment in the per-student Dropbox, pressing enter would incorrectly redirect the teacher.


  • We have updated the check mark icon in the View Options menu, so it is now clear how the list of posts is being filtered and sorted.

Email Roster

  • We have fixed an error when trying to attach a file from Google Drive to an email in the Email Roster feature.
  • We have disabled the Roster contact menu for unconfirmed students (because they can’t be contacted).

Embed & LTI

  • We have fixed an issue where lengthy embeds were not scrollable on iOS devices.
  • We have removed the Noteflight Block as an option, because Noteflight is now better supported via LTI.
  • We have fixed an LTI error when viewing a closed LTI block as a user that isn’t logged in.
  • We have fixed an issue where LTI links were sometimes incorrectly available to all students when the Activity was open for only certain sections or students. 


  • We have fixed the routing of individual teacher accounts to the "My Information" toplink (previously My Information was routing teachers to the Subscription tab instead).
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