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[t]Will students and parents receive Notifications if I add them to my Class?


Q: Will Students and Parents receive Notifications if I add them to my Class?

A: Generally speaking, individual users control when they receive which kinds of Notifications.

However, there are some global limits on when Students and Parents receive Notifications.

  • Students and Parents only receive notifications for Active classes.
  • Students and Parents receive a "new class" Notification when they're manually added to a class that's already Active.

Any users, including Students and Parents, can only receive E-mail Notifications if they have confirmed or imported e-mail addresses.

In other words, Students and Parents shouldn't see any Notifications from Inactive classes, and they shouldn't get "new class" Notifications unless they're manually added to a Class that's already Active.

However, as soon as a Student or Parent is added to an Active class, they will start receiving general Notifications (either Instant or Daily Digest) according to their account's Notification settings.

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