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Version 9.8.0: Minor Updates (10 April 2015)


Version 9.8.0 was released on 10 April 2015.

Changes & Fixes

Domain Control 

In the Domain Control under Applications > LTI Tools, we have added a usage count so that Admins can see how many activities per tool have been added. 

Class Schedules/Grades Report

We have fixed the issue in the class migration tool that was causing grading periods to fail to be deleted and as a cascading effect causing duplicate term grades to display in the Domain Control Grades Report.  

Role-Based Roster

Previously, when Google Apps users were added to a domain but they didn’t have a role assigned, they would not be added to any Role-Based Roster Class when a role was specified. We have fixed this so these accounts are now added to Role-Based Roster Classes when given a role.

Portal & Profiles 


We’ve modernized the icon for Activities listed under "Recent Activity."  


We have fixed an issue that was preventing Badge images from loading when viewing public profiles. 

Class Management

Inactive Classes Tab

We have fixed an issue where teachers were unable to re-order Inactive Classes on the Inactive Classes Tab. 


We have fixed an issue where Content Blocks sometimes reverted back to bottom of the page after being moved. 


We have fixed an issue where we were incorrectly stripping out certain characters in Groups.


We’ve fixed a browser-based  issue with the iPad where after tapping the OK button a cursor would appear and the button would become un-click-able. 


Overall Term Grades

We’ve fixed a display issue for students where Overall Grades per Term were not displaying in all cases.

SBG Progress Reports

We have fixed an error that would be triggered when Overall Grade was selected in the report.


We have fixed an issue where, when a Gradebook Entry is weighted at 0%, the Statistics popover graph was displaying all student scores as 0 points. 


Assignment Navigation

We’ve fixed a pagination issue where Assignments would not display when navigating from one Class’ assignment listing to another, when the origin assignment page was larger than the destination.

We've updated the remaining thickboxes to be the correct width so that CK Editor doesn't take up an extra line in those cases. 

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