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[t] How do I enable or disable Comments for Pages in my Class?


Q. How do I enable or disable Comments for Pages in my Class?

A. Comments allow students and teachers to discuss a particular Page using a simple discussion board at the bottom of the Page. 

There are two ways to enable or disable Comments:

  • You can enable or disable them for your entire class.
  • If Comments are are already enabled for your class you can enable or disable them for a specific Page.

Enabling Page Comments for your Class

To enable Comments for your class, go to Manage Class > Class Settings > Features.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Class Comments and click Add.

If your domain administrators have Blocked Comments under Domain Control > Organizations, then you will not see the option to add Page Comments to your class.

Disabling Comments for your Class

To disable Comments for your class, go back to Manage Class > Class Settings > Features and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will now see a Remove button instead of an Add button.

Removing the Class Comments feature will hide - but not delete - any existing Comments.

Switching Comments On or Off for a Page

To enable or disable comments for a specific Page, go to Manage Page > Settings. If Comments are enabled for your class, you will see a checkbox reading "Allow students to read and post comments on this Page."

Don't forget to click Save once you've checked or unchecked that box!


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