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[t] How do I add or edit entries in the Standards-Based Gradebook?


Q. How do I add or edit entries in the Standards-Based Gradebook?

A. Usually, it's faster to add Standards-Based Grades while viewing the student work that you're grading than it is to add grades directly in the Standards-Based Gradebook.

However, it's sometimes necessary to add a measurement that isn't connected to any AssessmentsAssignments, or other gradable items. From time to time, you may also want to edit a student's score without leaving the Gradebook.

To do this, click on any cell in the Gradebook to display the student's history of scores on that Standard.

To add a new measurement that isn't connected to any other gradable item, click Add Entry; to edit an existing score, click the Edit Icon.

In either case, you'll be able to add a Comment or add or edit a Score. You can also click to edit the title or date of the entry.

Remember: Changes to Standards-Based Grades stay in sync wherever you make them. Changes made in the Gradebook show up in context and changes in context show up in the Gradebook.



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