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[d][t][s][p]What exactly is Standards-Based Grading?


Q. What exactly is Standards-Based Grading?

A. Standards-Based Grading, sometimes referred to as standards-based assessment, is a system for tracking student progress towards specific learning goals or Standards.

Instead of getting one grade for each assessment, students get one grade per Standard for each assessment. (Here, “assessment” or “measurement” refers to any learning activity that’s graded, not specifically to Assessments in PowerSchool Learning.) 

This lets you know in more detail which topics students need to practice more and which topics they’ve already mastered.

Standards-Based Grading, or SBG for short, is both an educational practice and a tool designed to support that practice. If you'd like to learn more about SBG and how it works, check out our Introduction to Standards-Based Grading.


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