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Version 9.7.2: Hard at Work! (20 March 2015)


Version 9.7.2 was released on 20 March 2015. 

Domain Control

  • We have updated the Domain Control Classes Search filter so that you can now filter by both manually created and/or imported classes.
  • We have updated the Domain Control School Years dropdown to include all School Years (instead of just ten).
  • We have updated the Standards-Based Grade Export to always automatically update scores when a domain changes the scale and/or calculation method for the domain.
  • We've updated the Vital Stats Current Licenses in Use Total in the Domain Control to always use the number of licenses contracted + any licenses added over the course of the contract.


Top Navigation

  • We have updated the Help menu to include an Ask the Community option, which links to our Community Forum!



  • We have made some improvements to the Portal Classes alphabetization and loading order (classes I teach should always be on top, followed by classes in which I'm a student, followed by classes in which I'm a parent).
  • We've fixed an error on the Portal Recent Grades where a hover would incorrectly display points earned if the score was custom-weighted.



  • We've made a fix to Role-Based Rosters so that students that are removed but have data are actually removed from the class (instead of left as active in the class roster). (If you re-add them, the student work will be added back with them.)


Assignments & Dropbox

  • We have solved an error in the dropbox where some files were intermittently not being sent to the Dropbox Annotator (Crocodoc) when they should have been.
  • We've updated the Assignment search field so that when a teacher searches with the search field blank, all items will appear.


Embed the Web™

  • We've updated the Embed the Web™ Help section and have made a few aesthetic improvements to the teacher view.


Google Apps™ Integration

  • We've fixed an issue with Google Drive Map embeds, where maps embedded via the Google Drive Picker would display an error instead of the embed.
  • We've updated our integration to handle a case where a user would see the "Logout of Haiku and Google" option in certain cases where the user's domain was not yet connected with Google Apps™.



  • We have fixed an error in the Gradebook Statistics that would occur when a gradebook entry is weighted at 0%.
  • We've improved the color contrast in the Gradebook for enhanced readability when darker Theme colors have been applied.
  • We've changed how we handle unicode characters in comments in the Gradebook to prevent errors.



  • We've fixed an issue with the Organize Pages tool where pages added from this view were not always staying in the order specified.



  • We've fixed an issue in the Themes tool where changes to the "Other Title" color were not saving.



  • We've updated the teacher WikiProjects view to display students by last name (as well as a few aesthetic improvements).
  • We no longer include dropbox messages submitted by deleted users in the Dropbox new message count.
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