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Version 9.6.0: Increased Bandwidth, Video Updates, & More! (19 December 2014)


Version 9.6.0 was released on 19 December 2014.


  • We have increased standard domain bandwidth amounts to 512 MB per user.
  • Admins can now set the maximum video resolution for their domain.
  • The My Classes menu now displays the last 5 classes you've accessed (instead of an alphabetical list). 


  • Admins can now include unpublished grades in domain control grade exports.
  • We have added better encoding support for larger videos. 
  • We now display thumbnails in videos. 
  • Various security upgrades.


  • We have fixed an alignment issue with the Gradebook Print view.
  • We have fixed an issue where Display IDs were not always showing when exporting grades using the class export tool. 
  • We have fixed an issue with the Review Activity button not working for SCORM results. 
  • We have fixed an issue with non-Google document types being inaccessible to students. 
  • We now better handle errors for Google documents that no longer exist in Google Drive. 
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