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Version 9.7.1: Love Your Codebase Edition (13 February 2015)


Version 9.7.1 was released on 13 February 2015.

In honor of Valentine's Day, we spent the last few weeks putting some love back into our codebase. As a result, we are 3386 lines of code lighter!

Changes & Fixes

Assignments & Dropbox

  • We have removed the legacy Attachment Overflow code that would put attachments in overflow when an individual teacher is over quota. 
  • Teachers can now view the "late" icon directly in the annotator view when a submission is handed in late. 
  • When a dropbox is removed from an assignment, any new messages in the dropbox are now marked as read, so that teachers will not see erroneous new messages they can't access in the dropbox new message count.
  • We have fixed a view issue when accessing the annotator from the Hand Back Reviewed Files area for new submissions. 
  • We have changed the way assignments are deleted to avoid unnecessary timeout errors. 
  • We have fixed an issue where dropbox attachments were randomly not annotatable, even though they are annotatable files. 

iPad & Assessments

  • In Assessments, we have changed the matching question to default to "menu mode" on the iPad. 

Manage Attachments

  • We have removed the Manage Attachment area under My Information for all user accounts. We've made this change to help facilitate compliance with new state laws regarding student record retention.


  • As a preventative measure to avoid timeouts, we have introduced a new 500-page limit to the number of pages showing up in the side navigation. 

Rich Text Editor

  • We've fixed an issue with our rich text editor spell check so that there are no errors when words are not found in the dictionary. 
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