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Version 9.7.0: Enhanced Class Visibility Permissions (30 January 2015)


Version 9.7.0 was released on 30 January 2015. 


Enhanced Class Visibility Settings

Until now, teachers have been able to make classes private to the roster, or, if their domain allows it, public to the web. With the changes in this release, teachers will be able to set the class visibility to any of the following:

  • only members of the class
  • everyone in the organization of the class (new!)
  • everyone in the domain (new!)
  • anyone on the web (matches our current Public setting)

Additionally, administrators will have the option under Manage Domain > Settings > Classes to select any of these options as the default setting for new classes.

You can read more about these new settings here

Changes & Fixes

  • We have added WMV files to our supported video file type list.
  • We have updated the My Classes menu to only show active classes.
  • Spreadsheets added via the Google Drive Picker should now be updating permissions correctly.
  • We've fixed an issue where non-Google Apps using co-teachers were causing Google document permission updates to fail in some cases. 
  • We have fixed the “Show pending” button in the Teacher View Results area of Assessments so that it displays only pending questions when clicked. 
  • Various Security Updates.
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