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Version 9.4.2: Security Updates, Various (24 October 2014)


Version 9.4.2 was released on 24 October 2014.


  • Users will no longer receive document share notifications when adding or updating Google Docs in Haiku Learning.
  • We have released a number of security updates that protect against cross-site scripting.


  • We fixed an issue with how we handle daylight savings time that was causing some calendar events to error.
  • We have fixed an issue with ePortfolio search so that the dropdown now queries all available users (previously it had been limited to 20). 
  • We have fixed a few issues with Google Calendar sync.  All events should now be appearing and updating.
  • We have fixed icons that were repeating in IE9. 
  • We have fixed typos in Discussion and Assessment UI. 
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