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Version 9.1: Gradebook & Attendance Refresh (27 June 2014)


Version 9.1 was released on 27 June 2014.


  • Grades and Attendance have a new look!


  • What's New feature only displays if you have something new to look at. 
  • My Classes dropdown menu displays a partial list of your active classes, and now has a search!
  • Contact Your Organization Help Option no longer displays if you have no contact in the Support email address field.
  • Contact Your Organization email link now includes a subject header. 
  • Class Schedule changes are now processed in the background. 
  • We have added back headers to block titles for everyone.
  • We have widened the color bar on the Portal Classes list. 
  • We have updated our footer.
  • Added Support for a new font, Roboto Slab Light.
  • We have decreased the padding on the navigation and between blocks in order to emphasize class content. 
  • We have updated the way we handle headers and logos this week. 


  • We have added back support for rounded blocks.
  • We have updated the Share Icon to reflect the new icon style. 
  • Theme Preview now reflects updated styling. 
  • We have fixed the previous and next styling in the Dropbox Annotator viewer. 
  • We have fixed the styling on class invitation pages.
  • We have fixed the "Edit" Google Doc button for students when they are able to collaboratively edit documents. It is now an icon that fits into the block header. 
  • Portal blocks now display color based on "Other Title" in Themes.
  • We have updated our header image to be flexibly sized, based on the size of your header image. 
  • We have fixed styling of the Google Calendar view.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Organize Pages view was converting certain characters into HTML. 
  • We have fixed the View as Student Tool for IE9.
  • We have fixed an issue where WikiProjects wouldn't delete. 
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