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Version 9.4.0: Google Drive, Optimizations


Version 9.4.0 was released on 26 September 2014. 


  • We have updated our integration with Google APIs to include OAuth2 and the Google Drive Picker!


  • We have added back the aggregated Portal Calendar block. 
  • We have changed our default font to Open Sans to improve support for world languages. 
  • We have added Open Sans as an option to our text editor.
  • We have updated the ePortfolio Search. 
  • Safari 7.1 and iOS8 are now supported. 
  • The What's New option is now cached for 5 minutes.
  • We have moved our session store out of our database.
  • We have made several optimizations that will help with page load speed.
  • Various


  • We have fixed an issue with ePortfolio Templates being unaccessible from the Portal menu. 
  • We have fixed an issue with some Inbox users being incorrectly flagged as "unconfirmed."
  • We have fixed an issue with Page titles disappearing in the Organize Pages area. 
  • Various
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