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Haiku Learning for iPad: Version 1.8.1 Release Notes (14 August 2014)


Version 1.8.1 of Haiku Learning for iPad was released on 14 August 2014.


  • Students and Teachers can now view Grades in the Haiku Learning for iPad App! 


  • Assignments now contain a link to the Haiku Learning web interface
  • Inbox Attachments now display thumbnails
  • You should no longer have to log back in to Haiku after the app is left running in the background.
  • We have added the "Open in..." option to the Haiku browser. 


  • Audio files can now be played in-app
  • We have fixed an issue with text styling in the dropbox
  • We have fixed an issue with the Clear Cache so that Classes no longer disappear from the listing
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