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Version 9.3.1: Portal Optimizations, Various (7 September 2014)


Changes in Versions 9.3.1 were released at intervals between 2 September and 7 September 2014. 


  • We have rewritten the Portal Agenda to display a week at a time.  
  • We have permanently removed the Mini Calendar from the Portal.
  • We have made the loading of Portal classes more efficient.
  • We have made the loading of the Grades Summary Portal block more efficeient.
  • We have made the Domain Control users and classes search more efficient.
  • We have made the Roster search more efficient. 
  • We have made deleting discussions more efficient.
  • We have made loading special scores more efficient.
  • We have optimized the global login page.
  • Various other optimization changes.


  • We have fixed the Roster Section filter on the Calendar.
  • We have updated the language on parent invites to make it clearer how to accept an invitation.
  • Blackbaud co-teachers now consistently import. 


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