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[t] How do I add Notes to myself?


Q: How can I add notes to myself about a Student's classwork or attendance?

A: As a Teacher, you can add notes to yourself by using the Note-to-self feature, connected to any Grading area. This feature is accessible in Traditional Gradebooks, Attendance Books, Dropbox Assignments, practically anywhere that you can enter a Grade!

Try adding a note to remember that a student will be out of class next week, or that they had a great comment during class. Notes-to-self are private, and will only be visible to Teachers in the class, not Students or Parents. 

Leave a Note-to-Self in a Traditional Gradebook

1. Select Grades > Gradebooks

2. Open a Traditional Gradebook

3. Select a Gradebook Entry for a Student

4. Select Note-to-self

5. Enter your Note in the text box and click Save

6. A Pushpin Icon  will appear in the Gradebook to remind you of the Note for that Gradebook Entry



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