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Version 9.1.1: Various Changes and Fixes (18 July 2014)


Version 9.1.1 was released on 18 July 2014. 


  • We have brought back the translucency behind content blocks in class and domain-wide Themes!
  • We have changed global Nickname and Avatar permissions so that teachers can always update their Nicknames and Avatars, while Domain Administrators can allow or restrict student and parent changes to Nicknames and Avatars. 
  • Domain Administrators can now choose whether to include or exclude students that have been removed from Class Rosters in Grade Exports. (Previously, they were always included.)
  • In the Domain Control Grade Exports, Final grading periods are now prefixed by the Term to which they belong. 
  • We have improved the display of attachments in Moodle content imports.


  • Students no longer see the Manage Comment button in WikiProjects when comments are enabled. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Save As process where in some cases, gradebook entries were not being copied over with the class copy. 
  • The What's New button no longer leaves a blank hover when nothing is new.
  • We have removed the ability for students and parents to view teacher class schedules and grade notations via direct link. 
  • For Domain Administrators, the deactivated accounts filter now only includes deactivated accounts (excluding disabled accounts). 
  • We have fixed an issue with HTTPS and Flickr so that Flickr embeds work properly again. 
  • We have made various aesthetic tweaks to the Theme Editor Tool.
  • We have made other various minor tweaks to our refresh site including darkening borders and alignment tweaks. 
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