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[a] What do I need to know if I am using the integration with PowerSchool SIS v8.2-10.0.x?


Q: What do I need to know if I am using the integration with PowerSchool SIS v8.2-10.0.x?

A: If you are considering, or are already set up with, the PowerSchool SIS integration, it is important to review the following information. If you are using v10.1+, please refer to this article.

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  • Data Imports: Users, Classes and Rosters will automatically be imported from Powerschool SIS into PowerSchool Learning.
  • Import Frequency: Data imports are scheduled to take place once per day.
  • Parents: Parents cannot be imported from PowerSchool SIS at this time.  However, there are alternative methods for adding Parents to your PowerSchool Learning domain.
  • Co-teachers: Good news! Co-teachers will now be imported along with your class roster. 
  • Authentication: This is not available in the integration. If you upgrade to 10.1, you would have this option.
  • Attendance Push: This is not available in the integration.
  • Grade Push: Yes, you can push Gradebook scores from PowerSchool Learning to PowerSchool SIS.  Please note: if your instance of PowerSchool SIS is hosted, in order for this to work, you must have the API installed on your PowerSchool SIS instance.  Please reach out to your PowerSchoolSIS representative for assistance if you do not yet have this installed.
  • Grade Push Frequency: Immediate.
  • Grade Pull: No. PowerSchool does not allow grade data to be pulled from their system, so any scores that are edited or changed in PowerSchool SIS will not be synced back into PowerSchool Learning.
  • The import includes the automatic imports of users, classes, and rosters from PowerSchool.

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Important Considerations

  • To take advantage of the integration, you will need PowerSchool SIS version 8.2 or higher.
  • In addition, you will need to have a valid SSL installed on your PowerSchool server in order for the connection between PowerSchool Learning and PowerSchool SIS to work via the API. Information on setting up SSL for PowerSchool is available in KB 72483 Installation Guide for PowerSchool 8.x:  https://support.powerschool.com/article/72483
  • You will also need to set a page size of at least 100 under the Data Configuration settings for the PowerSchool Learning plugin.
  • Hosted customers wanting to use the grade return: you must have the API installed on your PowerSchool SIS instance. Please reach out to your PowerSchool SIS representative for assistance if you do not yet have this installed.
  • Generally speaking, it's easiest to change your data integration setup between school years, but in some cases it's possible to switch between terms or semesters. We strongly recommend against changing your integrations setup during the school year. Most of the time, this means changing Import IDs for your existing users and classes. That can be very time consuming and is especially difficult to do for classes that are currently in use. As a result, it's better to wait until you have some extra time and are free to create entirely new classes with entirely new Import IDs.
  • Note that if you're not currently importing Classes or Rosters and if your users have Google IDs (which make it easier to assign users new Import IDs) it may be possible to change to a new integration method during the school year. In any case, if you're planning any changes to your data integration processes, please contact us via the Help Menu in your PowerSchool Learning account.
  • If you are using Google Apps for Education, it's important to make sure that your users' Google IDs are in the appropriate email field in PowerSchool, which you can check by viewing the student and teacher mapping below. Having the Google IDs in the right place will make it a lot easier to get your users their new Import IDs.
  • If you are not using Google Apps for Education, you will need to help us map your new Import IDs onto your old users. This is because the Import IDs in your live domain will be different from the Import IDs from PowerSchool SIS and we won't be able to use the Google ID to make the mapping automatic.
  • In either case, your Integrations Advisor will help you transition your accounts to the PowerSchool SIS integration. You can contact your Integrations Advisor by submitting a help request under Help > Help Center in your PowerSchool Learning account.

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Configuring the PowerSchool SIS integration

You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Log into PowerSchool SIS as an Admin.
  2. Click on Setup : System, followed by System Settings, and Plugin Management Configuration
  3. Click Install
  4. Choose the appropriate plugin from the attachments below--pluginv1.1.zip or pluginv1.3.zip (bottom of article) and Click Install
  5. Click the “Enable” box and then Yes
  6. Click Haiku Learning in the list of Installed Plug-Ins
  7. Click the OAuth/Data Configuration link - might say Data Provider Configuration depending on your version
  8. Send us the Client ID and Client Secret from the configuration page.
  • To set up the PowerSchool SIS integration for your domain, our Integrations Team will need the following details:
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret
    • Admin URL
  • As a fail safe for this integration type, once a user is set to use Google Apps SSO authentication in PowerSchool Learning, their authentication type can only be adjusted manually. If a user is not automatically set to this authentication type via the import, the user can be set manually from within your domain, and following imports will not change their authentication type.

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PowerSchool Learning Domain Settings

  • A PowerSchool Learning Integration Team member will help configure your import settings, including the following details:
  • Make sure the “Autogenerate usernames at time of import” option is turned on while using the Powerschool Integration (through the Manage Domain > Domain Settings > General tab). Checking this option will ensure that an imported user without a username or Google email address will not fail to be imported.  If the user fails and is the owner of a class, roster and class creation will also fail. This setting acts as a failsafe for users who do not have a username stored in Powerschool SIS.


  • Passwords are not passed via the Powerschool SIS Integration.  PowerSchool Learning can set default passwords for you.  Be sure to check the option reads: "Imported passwords are temporary" prior to running an import if you would like imported passwords to be temporary. This option can be adjusted through the Manage Domain > Settings > Users area.


Table of Contents

Updating Schools and Import Start Year

As a Domain Administrator, you can choose which Schools will be brought into your PowerSchool Learning domain, as well as which Import Start Year will be used.  To edit these options, select PowerSchool Config through the Manage Domain menu. 

Select the schools you would like to import through the multi-select field provided, and the Import Start Year through the drop-down menu. Select Refresh Cached Values if additional Schools or School Years have been added to PowerSchool SIS recently. 

Table of Contents


If you are running into issues with the PowerSchool SIS integration, try setting your Administrator account in PowerSchool to be in Security Group 9.

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Student Mappings

PowerSchool Learning Values Powerschool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Database Column
external_id student/id Students.DCID
first_name student/name/first_name Students.First_Name
last_name student/name/last_name Students.Last_Name 
login student/student_username  Students.Student_Web_ID 
password default password set in domain control 
email student/contact_info/email PSM_StudentContact.Email
user_type "S" 
organization_id student/school_enrollment/school/id Schools.DCID 
enabled "1"  
google_email_address email if email matches google apps domain  


Once a user is set to use Google Apps SSO authentication they can only be removed manually. If they are not automatically set to this authentication via the import, the user can be set manually and following imports will not change this authentication type.

Please note that we will only currently pull Students with an 'Active' enrollment status in PowerSchool SIS, as this is the default in the PowerSchool API.  In PowerSchool SIS, this means that their enroll_status is equal to 0.

We will pull in Teachers who are Active.  They do not necessarily need to have a class attached to their account - if they are Active and in a school you have selected to be brought in via the integration, then they will be imported.

Users Levels (Students)

PowerSchool Learning Values Powerschool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Database Column
external_id  student/id Students.DCID 
level_id  student/school_enrollment/grade_level  Students.Grade_Level


Teacher Mappings 

PowerSchool Learning Values Powerschool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Database Column
external_id staff/id Teachers.DCID
first_name staff/name/first_name Teachers.First_Name 
last_name staff/name/last_name Teachers.Last_Name
login staff/teacher_username Teachers.TeacherLoginId 
password default password set in domain control  
email staff/emails/work_email Users.Email_Addr 
user_type "T"
organization_id staff/school_affiliation/school_id Schools.DCID 
enabled "1"
google_email_address email if email matches google apps domain 


Parent Mappings 

PowerSchool Learning Values PowerSchool SIS Database Column
external_id Guardian.GuardianID
first_name Guardian.First_Name 
last_name Guardian.Last_Name
login Guardian.Username 
password default password set by your School Advisor  
email Guardian.Email
user_type "P"
organization_id Guardian.DCID 
enabled "1"
sso_email_address email if email matches Google apps or Office 365 domain 

Parent imports must be enabled in Domain Control under Manage Domain > PowerSchool Config. When a School is selected to be automatically imported, students with associated guardians will be brought into your Learning domain.


Organizational Mappings

PowerSchool Learning Values Powerschool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Database Column
organization_id school/id Schools.DCID
name school/name Schools.Name


Course Mappings

PowerSchool Learning Values Powerschool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Database Column
class_id section/id Sections.DCID
name course/course_name (section/section_number) - section/expression Courses.Course_Name (Sections.Section_Number) - Sections.Expression 
code course/course_number Courses.Course_Number 
year section/term_id Terms.DCID
teacher_id section/staff_id Teachers.DCID
organization_id section section/school_id Schools.DCID 

PowerSchool courses must be active and have a teacher assigned in order to come over to PowerSchool Learning.


PowerSchool Learning Values Powerschool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Database Column
class_id section_enrollment/section_id Sections.DCID
user_id section_enrollment/student_id Students.DCID 


Grade Mappings 


PowerSchool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Learning Field
section [Class Import ID]
assignment/name [Gradable Title]
assignment/abbreviation [First 15 characters of the Gradable Name + "-HK"
assignment/description [Gradable Description]
assignment/date_assignment_due [Gradable Due Date] or [Today]
assignment/category null*
assignment/extra_credit_points [Gradable Points] if extra credit
assignment/include_final_grades null
assignment/points_possible [Gradable Points] if not extra credit
assignment/publish_scores null
assignment/publish_state "PUBLISH_NEVER"
assignment/publish_days_before_due null
assignment/publish_specific_date null
assignment/scoring_type "POINTS"
assignment/weight null

 *The category is set to 'TEST' by the PowerSchool API, unless there is no 'TEST' category, in which case it is set to 'UNDEFINED'

Assignment Scores

PowerSchool API Attribute Path PowerSchool Learning Field
assignment_score/student_id [Student Import ID]
assignment/id [Gradable ID]
assignment_score/score_entered [Score]

 Table of Contents

PowerSchool Gradebook Resources

Table of Contents 

Download the plugin below:

Plugin v1.3 is compatible with PowerSchool SIS versions 9.2 and up. This is the version that will allow for the import of co-Teachers.

If you do not have PowerSchool SIS version 9.2 or later, please use Plugin v1.1. v1.1 will not allow the import of co-teachers.

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