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[d][t][s][p]What are NavBar Hotkeys and how do I use them?


Q: What are Navbar Hotkeys and how do I use them?

A: Navbar Hotkeys offer a quick and easy keyboard shortcut for your Navbar. The key combination you use will be different depending on your browser and your operating system. The chart below shows you how to use these hotkeys.

Navbar Hotkeys

 G = Go      P = People        C = Classes






Alt + Shift + Hotkey


FF14 or newer, Control + Alt + Hotkey

FF14 or older, Control + Hotkey


Internet Explorer

Alt + Hotkey



Google Chrome

Alt + Hotkey


Control + Alt + Hotkey



Alt + NavBar Key


Control + Alt + Hotkey


For example: If you would like to search Classes on a Mac using Chrome, press Control, Alt and C all at the same time. Your Navbar will pop up and you will be able to quickly search for Classes!  

Just getting started with the Navbar, or don't see this option? Your Domain Administrator can set up the Navbar through the Domain Control area. 

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