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[d] What are the Specifications for Standard Imports?


Q: What are the specification for standard imports?

A: Please see "PowerSchool Learning Standards Import Specification" in Google Docs for the full explanation. You can find a brief overview below.

Importing Standards:

  • Your imports need to be in a compressed (zipped) CSV file.
  • You can export to CSV format from spreadsheet programs like Excel, Google Spreadsheet, and Numbers.
  • update_standards should be the name of your file for any new standards you want to create or any existing standards you want to update. It must have the following columns in order though not all columns need to have data (see the specification doc to see which columns are required)
    - import_id
    - publisher_guid
    - nickname
    - standard
    - dot_notation
  • delete_standards should be the name of your file for any standards you want deleted. It must have the following columns. All fields listed below are required for this file.
    - import_id

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