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[d]Can I sign in to McGraw Hill ConnectED from PowerSchool Learning?


Q: Can I sign in to McGraw Hill ConnectED from PowerSchool Learning?

A: As long as you have the right credentials from McGraw Hill, you can sign in to McGraw Hill using the ConnectED SSO. This can be set up for all organizations or specific organizations within the domain. ConnectED SSO doesn't affect how your users log into PowerSchool Learning, and each individual will have to set up their connection the first time they connect to McGraw Hill.

Set up McGraw Hill ConnectED SSO

  1. Navigate to Partner Tools under the Applications tab within Domain Control.
  2. Select the Enabled checkbox for McGraw Hill ConnectED.

  3. Click OK when asked if you want to enable this feature.

  4. Select the Settings option for McGraw Hill ConnectED.
  5. Select edit next to the Organization(s) that will utilize this SSO solution.

  6. Input your McGraw Hill provided credentials and select the Save button. Please note: You will need to obtain these credentials directly from McGraw Hill.

Connect PowerSchool Learning user with ConnectED account

1. Select the McGraw Hill ConnectedED from your APPS, next to the HELP option in the upper-right corner of your account. This option is only available for users who have an import id (i.e. not a manual user).

2. Choose the Connect to Existing button.


3. Input ConnectED user information and select Search.


4. Select the Confirm button if the correct user is found.


5. Finally, click OK after the account has been successfully connected. The next time the user selects the McGraw Hill NavBar option they will be immediately taken to the McGraw Hill ConnectED account.


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