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[a][t]Can you give me some example LTI Apps to use?


Q: Can you give me some example LTI Apps to use?  

A: There are many free-to-use LTI apps out there.  Often, you don't even need to sign up for a third-party account to get these awesome tools into your account.  Here are some examples that work great in PowerSchool Learning. 

Hint: If a tool does not require a unique Key or Secret, just enter "none" in the configuration field for that item.  Some applications have both free content and interactive content.  If you have an account with one of these providers, you may want to reach out to the tool providers and obtain your individual Key and Secret before adding it to your domain, if they support this process.  Find out how to add new LTI Tools to your domain here.  


Acclaim: Easily upload and organize videos - then provide feedback through time-stamped annotations.

  • Host: https://app.getacclaim.com/lti-launch/
  • Key and Secret: Please reach out to the Acclaim team at hello@getacclaim.com for information on licensing and LTI links/keys.

Apex Learning: Setting the industry standard for effective blended and virtual learning solutions.

  • Host: https://www.apexvs.com/ApexUI/LTI/Launch.aspx
  • Key and Secret: These will be emailed to you by your Apex Learning Operations Manager. Questions? Reach out at support@apexlearning.com.


Atomic Learning: Embrace technology - search and embed educator-created PD lessons.

  • Host: https://www.atomiclearning.com/lti_tool
  • Key and Secret: Reach out to Atomic Learning directly at: integration@atomiclearning.com to obtain these details.


BrainPOP: Insert BrainPOP topics into course materials. Single sign-on and account provisioning for school and district-wide BrainPOP.com subscribers.

  • Host: https://www.brainpop.com/lti/launch.php?tool=yes
  • Key and Secret: Please contact lti@brainpop.com for set up details.

Cattura: Search and embed the Cattura Learning Engine video platform, built just for educators.

Classworks: Over 1500 educator vetted and curated key skill units for mathematics, language arts, science, and integrated reading that can be embedded into your class.

  • Host: Obtain details from your Classworks Manager using the Knowledgebase article found here.
  • Key and Secret: Obtained from the Classworks Manager. Questions? You can reach out to Classworks here.

educreations: Access and embed awesome teacher-made, whiteboarded lessons.

  • Host: https://www.edu-apps.org/tool_redirect?id=educreations
  • Key and Secret: none

Gooru Learning: Search millions of educator-crafted resources and collections, for free.

Hoot.me: Connect with students via audio and text chat where they already are: Facebook!

  • Host: https://hoot.me/
  • Key and SecretObtain these through Hoot.me directly.

Jigsaw Meeting: Facilitate real-time interaction and engagement in your virtual classroom!


Khan Academy: Provide short, focussed lessons in almost any subject area.

  • Host: https://www.edu-apps.org/tool_redirect?id=khan_academy
  • Key and Secretnone 
  • Don't forget!  Students can "Log In" to earn points for interacting with content. 

Maple T.A.: A powerful online testing and assessment software designed especially for courses involving mathematics - ideal for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses! 

  • Host: Obtain this url from MapleSoft directly. 
  • Key and Secret: Check out MapleSoft's great LTI Page for details on acquiring your Key and Secret.  Or reach out to them via email




Noteflight: Bring musical scores, compositions, and activities directly to your students.

  • Host: http://[Insert your School's domain here].noteflight.com/
  • Key and SecretObtain these from Noteflight directly at support@noteflight.com
  • Other materials: Check out our article on adding Noteflight Activities to your class.

Microsoft Office Mix: Make PowerPoint awesome with screen-sharing, audio tracks, annotations, interactive quizzes and more!

Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook: Set up a Class Notebook for your students to collaborate, view handouts, and build in their own personal space!


Quizlet: Embed your favorite public question set as a study game, flash cards, or simple review.

  • Host: https://www.edu-apps.org/tool_redirect?id=quizlet
  • Key and Secretnone

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Jump over to your dashboard for interactive, standards-based resources in the core disciplines.

  • Host, Key and Secret: Administrators can email curriculumpathways@sas.com directly to acquire this information

Scribblar: Synchronous collaboration in a beautifully embedded whiteboard tool.


SoftChalk Cloud Open: Access a collection of open-licensed resources, made by users, for users.

  • Host: https://www.edu-apps.org/tool_redirect?id=softchalk_cloud_open
  • Key and Secret: none

Turnitin.com:  Create, annotate and grade Turnitin Assignments without leaving your PowerSchool Learning class.

Unplag:  Upload documents for plagiarism detection - in real time.

  • Host: https://lti.unplag.com/lti/launch
  • Key: Use the Client ID, found under your API Settings area in Unplag. 
  • SecretUse the Secret, found under your API Settings area in Unplag.
  • Please Note: LTI integration is available for Company accounts of Unplag, head over here to Sign Up

Voicethread: Annotate and embed videos with audio, text, images and more! Connect. Collaborate.



There are many, many more LTI Tools out there, ready to make their way into your PowerSchool Learning class!  Check out a few more examples from Edu Apps and the IMS Global Learning Consortium.  



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