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[d]How do I set a G Suite ID for a manually created user?

Q. I have manually added a student, how can I now create a G Suite ID for them?
A. If you want to associate manually created accounts with G Suite, follow these steps:
*Note: in order to do this, you must first check the "Allow Administrators to edit all imported data via the web" under the Manage Domain > Settings > General tab. 
If you add the user's G Suite ID to their PowerSchool Learning account first, when you run the import, if the import has the G Suite ID in the google_id account, the import will recognize this manual account and convert it to an imported account.
  • To add the G Suite ID, visit the Accounts tab in your Domain Control.  
  • Browse to the user that you wish to update
  • Click on the Manage Account dropdown to the right and select Edit
  • Click on the Change button next to the "Authentication Method: PowerSchool Learning Authentication"
  • Confirm that you want to change the user's Authentication method. (Note: the user will have to log in using the new authentication method if you make this change)
  • Add the G Suite ID in the G Suite field
  • Click on Save
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