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[d] What is the Display ID for? Where does it show up? Can I put in sensitive data, like a student ID?


Q: What is the display_id in the import specification for? Where does it show up? Can I put in sensitive data, like a Student ID?

A: The display_id field displays to teachers and admins in PowerSchool Learning. Specifically, it shows up in the Gradebook next to the student name and in the Navbar when teachers and admins search for students. It does not show up for other students in the Navbar.

The display_id does also show up in Progress Reports, if teachers choose to include the "Student ID" option in their reports. Each student can only see their own Progress Report, if published. A student (or parent) may see their own (or their child's) display_id on the Progress Report. They will not be able to see any other student's display_id. 

As for privacy, each school needs to make their own decision according to the guidelines to which they are bound. But, administrators can rest easy that the data put into a student's display_id will not be displayed to other students. 

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