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[d]How do I get started with the Accounts Tab?


Q: As a Domain Administrator, how do I get started with the Accounts Tab? 

A: The Accounts Tab is where Domain Administrators can Create and Manage Accounts, assign Permissions, and view Account Details.

Create & Search For Accounts

Under the Accounts Tab in domain control, you can manually Add an Account. If you're interested in adding and updating accounts via import, just reach out to your School Advisor for more direction on this!

You can also Search for Accounts in your domain. You can filter your search by

  • Type filters Accounts by role type: Admin, Teacher, Student, Parent.

  • Organization filters Accounts by Organizations within your domain.

  • Status filters users by their account status. Statuses include Active (enabled & logged in in the last 6 months), Inactive (not logged in for more than 6 months), Disabled (an admin user has disabled the account and the user can no longer log in), Deactivated (removed from the import file and can no longer log in), and Never Logged In.
  • Control filters accounts by whether they are under import control, or under manual control. 


Manage Accounts

  • To Manage an Account, click Manage Account next to a user’s name.

  • From here, you can Masquerade as the user (meaning you can act on their behalf)

  • Edit the account

  • Reset Password (see related articles on passwords in PowerSchool Learning)

  • Merge with another account

  • And see a lot more detail including a user’s Profile, Account Details, Permissions, etc.  



Account Details

Account Details are a great way to get a nice overview of a user’s information. You can get there by either clicking on a user’s name or by going to

  • Manage Account and selecting Account Details.

  • Here you will see Account Info, Classes, Permissions and Statistics.

  • This is a great view when you are looking for information such as a user’s classes, roles, parent child relation, etc.



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