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[d] How do I get started with the Classes Tab?


Q: As a Domain Administrator, how do I get started with the Classes Tab?

A: The Classes Tab is where Domain Administrators can Search, Create and Manage Classes in PowerSchool Learning.

The Classes Tab in domain control is where administrators can manually Add a Class. (Note: If you’re interested in adding or updating classes via import, please contact your School Advisor.)

Once you have classes in your domain, the Classes Tab is a great place to Search and Manage Classes. You can search for classes by Name, Organization, School Year, include only Deleted, Active, Inactive Classes, or ones that are manually created by Teachers.


As you look at Classes in this view, you will see several possible icons:

Active Class
Inactive Class
Delete a Class OR Deleted Class
Restore Class, if this is an option based on your Class Deletion Settings under Manage Domain > Settings > Classes
Public Class: anyone on the web can visit the class
Private Class: only members of the roster can visit the class
Public to Organization or Domain: members of the domain or the class's organization can visit the class
Role Based Roster


To Edit a class under the Classes Tab, you can:

  • Click on the Class Name for additional details

  • Change the Class Owner

  • Delete a Class

  • To edit details for a class, select Manage Class

  • Here you will have much of the same abilities as a teacher to edit the Class Settings, the Roster, make the class Active or Inactive, etc.

  • Manage Class is a great way to get a glimpse of the class in domain control and also a great tool for troubleshooting.

For more information about your options for creating and managing classes in the domain control, please reach out to your School Advisor.

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