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[d] How do I export my school's Overall Standards-Based Grades?


Q: How do I export my school's Overall Standards-Based Grades?

A: Overall Standards-Based Grades can be exported through Reports, found in your Domain Admin tabs.

(Keep in mind: SBG Reports can only be pulled from Gradebooks that map to an Overall Grade.)


To export your school's Overall Standards-Based Grades

  1. Once you are logged into your Domain Control, click on Reports and select Standard-Based Grades.

  2. From the Standards-Based Grades: SBG report you can choose specific report scenarios. Once you have selected the fields that you would like to apply to your report, click Filter. You can also leave all fields (terms, classes, etc.) blank for a full report.

  3. Now that have filtered the data you would like to include in your report, select Save this View.

  4. Now, enter the View Name and select Save.

  5. Your report is now ready. Choose Export to CSV.

  6. Then, click Generate CSV.

  7. You can download your report by clicking Download CSV. If you choose Re-Generate CVS, you will update your report with the most recent entries.

Note: If you would like to customize the information within your report, click Customize Columns on the right-hand side of your report.

Simply drag and drop the columns you would like to have in your report.

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