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[d] Can I let users sign in to PowerSchool Learning straight from my school's website?


Q: Can I let users sign in to PowerSchool Learning straight from my school's website?

A:  Yes, you easily let users sign in to PowerSchool Learning from nearly any website by adding a simple HTML form. Use the following HTML form as a starting point.

Google Apps Login

Google's login form is more difficult to recreate, and based on their terms of service, should not be placed on non-Google webpage.  For this reason PowerSchool Learning provides Google Apps users a link to their Google Apps login form.  You can do the same on your schools website using a link like this:


There are a few caveats you should know about:

  • If the given username & password are incorrect the user will be taken to your school's standard PowerSchool Learning login page (not to the page where you've placed your login form).
  • Our password reset tool currently doesn't play nice with these types of login forms. We suggest you offer your users a "Forgot your password?" link with instruction to visit the standard PowerSchool Learning login screen.
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