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[d] Powerschool SIS 7.8.0+ Custom SQL Query Solution


Looking for a better way to integrate with PowerSchool SIS? Check out this article!

Please Note: This is a community supplied solution. The contributor of these queries reports success with these queries at their school and have used them to generate successful reports.

However, since this is a community supplied solution we cannot guarantee that it will work with your data. Please be sure to check the output against the data within PowerSchool Learning (especially import_ids).

In addition, we realize this does not pull data for students/parents (users.csv). We hope this is a great start.

We are deeply appreciative of our schools and their contributions to our tech community. If you can add to this solution, please contact us at integrations@PowerSchool

--PowerSchool Learning Support Team


Report Header

SQL Query
select '<td>'||||'</td><td>'|| c.course_name||'</td><td>'|| ''||'</td><td>'|| ''||'</td><td>'|| s.course_number||'</td><td>'|| t.yearid||'</td><td>'|| s.teacher||'</td><td>'||||'</td>' from sections s join courses c on s.course_number = c.course_number join teachers te on s.teacher = join terms t on s.termid = and s.schoolid = t.schoolid join schools sc on s.schoolid = sc.school_number where t.yearid = 23 and te.status = 1;

Report Header

SQL Query
select '<td>'|| cc.sectionid||'</td><td>'|| st.ID||'</td><td>'|| 'S'||'</td>' from cc join students st on cc.studentid = join sections s on cc.sectionid = join terms t on s.termid = and s.schoolid = t.schoolid where t.yearid = 23 and st.enroll_status = 0;

USERS (faculty only)
Report Header

SQL Query
select '<td>'||||'</td><td>'|| t.first_name||'</td><td>'|| ''||'</td><td>'|| t.last_name||'</td><td>'|| ''||'</td><td>'||
''||'</td><td>'|| t.LoginID||'</td><td>'|| ''||'</td><td>'|| t.email_addr||'</td><td>'|| 't'||'</td><td>'||||'</td><td>'|| '1'||'</td><td>'||||'</td><td>'|| t.email_addr||'</td>' from
teachers t join schools s on t.schoolid = s.school_number where status = 1;

Report Header

SQL Query
select '<td>'||||'</td><td>'||||'</td><td>'|| ''||'</td>' from schools s;

Report Header

SQL Query
select '<td>'|| student_number||'</td><td>'|| grade_level||'</td>' from students where enroll_status = 0;
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