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How do I export reports from the Course Catalog?


Q: Can I export reports of the Registration information from my Course Catalog?

A: Yes, you can export a CSV file with all Registration information. Once exported you can view the file in Excel or any other spreadsheet software and sort and use the data as needed.

1. Go to the Registration listing page in your Catalog. Click on the link for "Registration Export". 


2. Enter the date range for data you would like in your export.


3. Click "Export" and your file will be exported. 


Note: Depending how you have your computer set up, you may see a dialog box asking if you would like to open the file in a certain program, or if you would like to save the file somewhere, or it may simply download the file into your "Downloads" folder.  The filename for the export will be registrations.csv (or registrations-1.csv, registrations-2.csv, etc.).

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