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How do I access my class once I've purchased it through the Course Catalog?


Q: I've gone through the registration and checkout process and purchased my class in the course catalog. How do I access my class content?

A: After purchasing the course you should have received a confirmation email that will give you the information you need to access your content.

1. Look at your confirmation email and you will see a link to accept your class invitation and a 5 digit invitation code.

2. Note: If your course has prerequisites you will not receive your link to accept your invitation and the 5 digit invitation code until the prerequisites have been approved by the Catalog administrator.


3. Click the URL to "Accept your class invitation" as seen above.

4. After you click on the URL, you will be taken to the welcome screen. Your invitation code will likely appear automatically. If it does not appear automatically, copy and paste or type in the invitation code from your confirmation email.  (Note: the styling on your screen may be slightly different based on the colors and logos of your organization.)

Click the Next button to continue.


5. Note: If you already have a Haiku Learning account, you can sign in on this page to access your class. If you do not have a Haiku Learning account, find the link for Register to create a new account.


6. Fill out the Create a New Account form and click "Create Account."


7. On the next screen you will see a confirmation that your account has been created and you will see your username. Click "Enter Class" to access your class.


You will use the username and password you just created to log in to your class and the Course Catalog.

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