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How do I use the To-Do feature in Haiku Learning for iPad?


Q: How do I use the To-Do feature in the Haiku Learning for iPad and what can I do with it?
A:  The To-Do feature is a great way to create and complete reminders in the Haiku iPad App and tie them in with your Haiku Assignments.  Set yourself a quick reminder to Hand in your Assignment or study for that upcoming Assessment!

To view, edit, and add to your To-Do items, click on the check mark on the Home menu. If you don't have any lists, you will see an option to Create a To-Do List

To create a new list, simply start typing in the area that says New To-Do List.

Once you have lists you can add New To-Do items by clicking on the plus sign on the top-right side of the screen. 

Be sure to add a Title for your To-Do. 

Select the Class field to associate the To-Do with a specific class, or leave it as No Class Assigned

Select Date, then choose a Due Date from the pop-up calendar that appears.  If you don't have a specific date in mind, just leave this field blank.

Then, make sure to add any extra Notes that you need!

 Upcoming items will be indicated with a number next to the To-Do List.

Tap on a list to see that list's To-Do items and their due dates. 

 Checking an item will complete it and hide it from the To-Do List.  

You can also click on each To-Do item to edit or see additional details. 

You can see completed To-Do list items for a list by tapping on Show [#] Completed.

To hide these items again, tap Hide [#] Completed.

Tap the three bars on top of your To-Do Lists to enter Edit mode and DeleteReorder, and Rename your To-Do Lists.

(a) To Delete a To-Do List, tap on the red circle next to it, then tap the Delete button that appears.  

(b) To Reorder List Titles, hold down the three bars next to the List you wish to move, then drag and drop your To-Do Lists into your desired order.

(a) To Rename a To-Do List, simply tap on the List's title.  The keyboard will appear, and you can type to rename your List. 

(b) When you are finished editing your To-Do Lists, tap the three bars with check mark icon.

 Your To-Do List Items will also appear in the To-Dos box of the iPad App Home page.



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