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[a][t][s]How do I log into PowerSchool Learning using Office 365, and what will that look like?


Q. How do I log into PowerSchool Learning using Office 365, and what will that look like? 

A. Office 365 schools who have integrated their PowerSchool Learning domain will be able to log in through their domain's standard login page.  

Schools who have enabled Office 365 integration can log into PowerSchool Learning from their standard login url (e.g. or   Both a standard PowerSchool Learning authentication area and an Office 365 specific login option should be visible.  Just select Sign in with Office 365 and complete your information to access your account!  

The Sign in with Office 365 button will lead you to a Microsoft Office 365 authentication page.  Enter your Office 365 email and password, then select Sign in to make your way into your account.  Hint: If you are already logged into your Office 365 account, your username field should already be populated!  Just re-enter your password to continue into your PowerSchool Learning account.  


And that's it!  Just getting started with PowerSchool Learning and Office 365?  Find out How to add Office 365 Integration to your domain. 




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