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How do I get Haiku Learning for Windows 8 on my device?


Q: How do I get the Haiku Learning for Windows 8 on my device?

A: You can download the Haiku Learning for Windows 8 by installing it from the Windows 8 store on your device.

Installing the Windows 8 App


1. On your device's home screen, choose the "Store" icon.


2. Inside the Store app, bring the Windows 8 side menu in and choose "Search."


3. Search for "Haiku Learning," and choose the "Haiku Learning" app icon in your results.



4. Select "Install" to install the Haiku Learning app to your device.


5. Once the install is complete, navigate to your Windows Start screen and tap on the new Haiku Learning icon to open the Haiku app.


6. Once the app has loaded, enter your Haiku username, or your email address if you sign in with Google.


7. Choose your school or institution name under Select Your Domain, then enter your password and choose Sign In. If you use Google to log in, choose the Google icon, then log in with your Google username and password.


8. Once logged in, your Haiku home screen will appear and you'll be using the Haiku App for Windows 8!



Learn more about what you can do with the app by checking out our Windows 8 help documents

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