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[t] How do I add a Noteflight Activity to my class?


Q. How do I add a Noteflight Activity to my class?

A. If your school has added Noteflight as an LTI Tool to your domain, you can add a Noteflight Activity to any classes through the LTI & SCORM area of the Activities tab, or by adding a new LTI & SCORM content block.

Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition accounts at this time.


Adding a Noteflight Activity

1. Select Add Content Block, then the LTI & SCORM option within the Messages & Activities tab.

2. Choose Noteflight from the list of LTI and SCORM Tools made available to teachers at your school.

3. Create a Title and add a Description for your new Activity, then select Save & Configure to be authenticated into your Noteflight account!

4. This will automatically authenticate you into your Noteflight account, with access to all of your pre-existing scores, as well as the option to create a New Score. Either option should work great! To create a score from scratch, just select New Score.

5. This should take you directly into the Score editing area, without ever leaving your class!

6. Once you have completed editing your Score, select the Attach To This Page option at the top of the editing area. This will link the Score in Noteflight to the Activity you are creating.

7. In the bottom left-hand corner of the editing window, select Publish to publish your Activity now, or select Close to save it as a Draft that can be found in the LTI & SCORM area of the Activities tab. The Draft will remain hidden from Students until you are ready.


8. If you choose to Publish, select when Students can take this activity and add a Gradebook Entry, if desired!

9. You will also have the option to select a Location on Page and whether to Embed this score or display the Activity as a link on the page.

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