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[d] Can I lock down imported rosters so teachers cannot edit them?


Q: Our import should be the data authority for all class rosters. I don't want teachers making any changes that would override the import. How do I restrict this?

A: To lock down all imported rosters so that teachers can't make changes, go to the Domain Control (cog icon) and select Manage Domain > Settings.

Click on the Classes tab inside the window that opens. There is a setting under the Class Roster fieldset, "Allow Teachers to override imported roster." Uncheck this setting to lock down the imported roster. Click Save.

Effect: Teachers will not be able to remove or add students to imported classes once the setting is locked down.

Note 1: If teachers previously overrode their roster, and then the setting is locked down, any changes made prior to the lockdown will stay in place and not be affected.

Note 2: This setting does not apply to manually created classes.

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